Thursday, July 7, 2016


Elder Bigelow, Garrison and Ceballos
Elder Bigelow & Elder Cevallos

Zone Outing!! 7/4/16


October 2014 & July 2016!!


Todavía no se siente real...
i feel like i had a good week.
Wednesday (my birthday) was probably the fastest day of my mission, we had interviews with the pres, and he didn't have much to say to me honestly, it was kind of funny. but i got my temple recommend renewed so that was good. but then the rest of the day we were teaching so much i had forgot it was my birthday until the night when our converts invited us to eat hamburgers with them.
Also this week, something cool, we have so much work and people to teach in the area that we got a call this week saying that they were gonna be splitting my area! so we have a new Elder here, Elder Cevallos from Ecuador. hes awesome. he reminds me of my trainer Elder Cordova. they actually knew each other back home. so that's funny. but anyways, now that we are 4 my official comp is elder Ku and elder Garrison is with elder Cevallos. but we do so many exchanges that it kinda feels like we are all each others comp. haha
we had a guy go to church yesterday who bore his testimony and invited the whole congregation to his baptism on the 23rd, also Miguel had to change his date and will be baptized on the 23rd as well.
its sad to think i wont be here for that.
Today was awesome! we went to Guatapé and climbed the Piedra del Peñon. it was cool to go back, i last went in Oct 2014 but it felt like no time at all had past when i went back.
its crazy how fast time goes.
theres not much to tell you about the rock, other than its big. but i got lotsa pics so ill try to send them ahorita.

Well, its weird to think that this is the last time ill be writing or talking to you guys until i actually see you next week.. 
i almost don't want it to be true. i am in love with my mission. i love what i do. and i will be forever grateful for having been given the opportunity to serve my Father. And even more grateful for all i have learned and been able to do. And for all the people I've met and taught and learned to love.

i know God lives. i know He loves us. and that He always will. we are not alone. we have Someone we can rely on for everything. i know that's true. and i trust Him.

DyC 64:33; Mosiah 23:21-22
"The Time Is Far Spent"
Elder Wadley, Bigelow and Apaza

Elder Bigelow and convert Yiseth

Trio Selfie

A "creepy" looking old school


Feliz cumpleaños a mi..
yup! imma be 20 this week. gross haha. there went my juventuuuud.
pero bueno, the week was good... not much to report. just super busy, lots of lessons. working hard with Miguel Angel hoping he can get baptized before i go home. did a good amount of contacting a found some awesome people who I'm praying will accept our invitations.
my convert Yiseth told me this week about when God answered her prayer and she knew the church was true. it was a cool experience, she also he her interview yesterday for her Patriarchal Blessing. AND Sebastian got the priesthood and was ordained a Teacher yesterday and he has been helping us in the lessons with Miguel Angel. i have such awesome converts :) I'm so happy for them.
but i don't wanna talk too much about them cause then ill just be sad.. haha

oh i have news! remember the giant rock we went to my first transfer? the one with the stairs in it? well we are going back next Monday!!! suupér excited but i don't know if I'm gonna be able to write.. there's a chance i will be able to next Tuesday but its not certain.... and then the Monday after that isn't my p day so i wont write either......... so there is a good chance that this could be my last letter home.....
haha i love you guys. don't miss me. i almost there.

the Church is true!

"Para Siempre Dios Esté Con Vos"

Monday, June 20, 2016

Sebastian at his baptism

Sandra at her baptism

Convert from Aranjuez Camila Blandon


noooo. me pongo a llorar..

guys i swear every week is better than the last and makes me wish i could stay here forever. i don't get why it has to get so good right as I'm finishing.
we had our 2 baptisms. my 3rd and 4th converts in this ward, and the baptismal service was something wonderful. i had never before been in such an organized and spiritual service my entire mission. and there were TONS of people that showed up. people from my first 2 areas here in Medellin were there. i was asked to sing and i sang God Be With You Til We Meet Again and about lost it. the members here love us and are suuuuuper happy and willing to help us more. there were some non members that came and we contacted them later. and one of them is a kid named Miguel and hes suuuuuuper excited about the church and everything and accepted a baptism invitation and will get baptized July 9th. so i still got one more!!!!! :)
I'm suuuuper excited to work with him and help him to get baptized.
my testimony and love for these people grow so much everyday.
I'm extremely excited to see you guys in 3 weeks, but its gonna be the hardest thing ever having to leave. i have learned that true joy in the gospel is not felt by those who receive it, but by those who give it.  

you guys are absolutely amazing. thanks for being supportive. i love you all
"Because I Have Been Given Much"

Wednesday, June 15, 2016


un mes.. hoy, en un mes..
well the trunquera is setting in. but its sooo sad cause we are doing sooo good!
so my 2 converts here in the ward are progressing well. really well. I'm suuuper happy for them. i wish i had more time here to continue watching them grow.
i cant believe the blessing we are seeing. Yiseth wants to go on a mission and has decided to start preparing.
and Teolinda was interviewed yesterday to receive a calling.
and the best news! Sandra and Sebastian got their baptism interviews done last week and will be baptized this Saturday!! 2 more! I'm sooooo excited for them. Sebas also wants to be a missionary, but hes only 15 so hes got a few years to go. I'm so happy guys. i cant even explain it.
today we are gonna have a zone party cause me and Elder Garrison both turn 20 this month. should be fun. this week we are basically gonna be planning out the baptisms and getting ready.
and the other good new is that my itinerary finally came... ill forward it :)
i love all you guys, and i don't write much cause well that's the most important stuff.
kade! practice spanish. and practice loving everyone. no matter who the are.

remember to see people not as who they are now but as the person that we all have the potential to become.
you're all amazing
"Brightly Beams Our Fathers Mercy"